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DJ LUX  started career and a music journey totally accidentally. About 25 years ago, in 1990 when he walked down to basement with his father,  he came across old, square vinyls (so-called musical   postcards which people used to send to their beloved as a memento) and a portable gramophone containing vinyls with sounds of birds. His interest has been so awaken that a few years later he started to develop his musical talent through learning  to play the guitar and the keyboard. Finally,  we can delight in the results of the way he had chosen.

 In 1996  as a crazy  and unbridled teenager  made first mixes in cooperation with his friend , in the  basement . And it turns out that as you look at the way they did  it, it was  quite original and old school style. They found a reel-to-reel player and a sizeable collection of dad’s recordings. However, at that time the recordings weren’t interesting, that’s why DJ LUX decided to create his own recordings, based on available ones. Using the way of cutting and taping pieces of vinyls, he created dotty mixes which contained types of music such as: rock, pop, dance music at the time.

 An import ant role in DJ LUX’s career played a video clip by The Prodigy - Breathe and Herbie Hancock & Grand Mixer DXT. In 1996 DJ LUX met a guy who lived in the neighborhood and he had similar interests. DJ LUX and PiNkNOiSe (now he’s called beat maker) carried out a wide variety of crazy musical projects. Moreover, PiNkNOiSe had a great influence on DJ LUX’s career. Due to him, DJ LUX had the opportunity to deal witch such programs as : Fruity Loops or Cool Edit Pro (now it’s Adobe Audition),which he uses up to now.

 After such valuable musical experiences 14 years old boy (DJ Lux) formally started his career as a DJ in the local musical market. It was 1998 and from the very beginning he was surprising everyone his unique sounds and style. This period of time was a time full  of musical searches. Thanks to this, his every single party  was special and that’s how it remains to date.

 A year later, in 1999 the effect of previous work was the fact that he became  inspired by old-school style and by famous at that time 2Pac, who  is his idol in terms of Hip-Hop culture. In the same year there has a significant change fallowed in DJ LUX music. His unusual style has been enriched in other music genres, for example: Drum, Bass or Electro. In addition there has first professional  recordings appeared, they were in the form of MC, it has stayed so for  today, and it’s connected with the function of DJ.

 At the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000, the most popular music genre in Poland was Dance. That’s why DJ LUX decided to set up an internet radio station – M&M radio, together with DJ Mefisto. Then came the band LANSER, which continues until today, where the vocalist and front man is DJ LUX.

 The years 2001 to 2004 is a golden period for DJ LUX and a very large development of: techniques, passion and his own original style. New music programs such as Ableton, Reason or Cubase,  allowed to be fully fulfilled artistically, which resulted in a number of musical projects. As a result,  he met DJ Szczurek (PMK Production), on his musical way, who during one of the events,  was impressed by the talent of DJ LUX. From that moment a friendship grew between them, and the result of this meeting was to create musical hybrids, promoting new musical and technical trends, and as a result was formed a collective which was  called: ' peace of cake ', bringing together the best and the most talented local other DJs and music producers. This hybrid takes varying degrees today.

 The years 2006-2008, brought important change into the work of DJ LUX. Then arose a large compilations and a different kind of Dream Teams and, in particular, the work on the MC workshop.

 An important year was 2008, when, on the initiative of the DJ LUX, and in cooperation with DJ Szczurek and PiNkNOiS, for the first time managed to create a cyclic thematic party 'Drum & Bass In Da City ', where many of the Polish stars  had the opportunity to perform.  A Sensation at the local yard, was a reputable Dj: K-Size from Krakow, responsible, among other things for the organisation of the popular in Europe 'Audioriver Festival ' in Płock.

In the year 2010 as a conscious and experienced DJ, MC, presenter and animator of culture-DJ LUX started his own commercial music agency: PMS 'LANSER ' (later as Free Your Mind Music Agency). The Agency was created as a response to market demand in full service commercial events.

 In the years 2010-2012 together with DJ Jackson (the legend of the local music scene) has created a collective under the name: ' Free Your Mind ', the result of which was the promotion and development of music culture through the presentation of original and unique recordings of prior years. The compound of style, youth, passion of DJ LUX, with old  but still popular Jackson, has brought a lot of interesting compilation.

 Since 2013, DJ LUX has been expanding its music agency and engaging in many different projects. Currently, apart from appearances on various scenes, DJ LUX is also involved in multimedia. The combination of all this makes it possible to see its him during various events.
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